Magnet Madness!

Our Science topic for this half term has been focusing on forces, and this week we looked more closely at magnets.

Firstly, we had great fun testing our our magnets on random objects in the classroom and outside. We were left asking ‘Why are some objects magnetic, and others aren’t?’ To find out, we read a very informative text that told us all about the North and South poles, the magnetic forces and how iron is the material that magnets are attracted towards.

Following on from this lesson, we focused on finding out what a prediction is and how to make realistic predictions. We found out that a prediction is ‘what you expect to happen if your hypothesis is true’.

Next, the children were presented with a range of every day objects to explore. Firstly, they sorted the objects into magnetic and non-magnetic categories. Then, they wrote a prediction about the objects that would be magnetic based on their current knowledge.


After writing a prediction, the children tested which objects were magnetic. It was interesting to discover that some of our predictions were incorrect and some objects had to be moved into the other category. There was great discussion around some coins being magnetic and some which were not. We discovered that the older coins (ones made in the 80’s) were not magnetic, whereas the newer coins were. We discussed that over the years, they have included iron into the making of 1p and 2p coins! How cool!

As a class, we finally classified objects that were magnetic and discussed the fact that metals need to contain iron if they are to be magnetic.