Making a splash in Reception

Reception have made a great start to our new topic, “What is in the water?”

We have been enjoying new roleplay areas, investigating seaside objects, painting and drawing sea creatures and reading lots of pirate and under the sea books during choosing times.

In our English lessons, we have been enjoying the picture book “Where is the Starfish?” The illustrations show an under the sea scene with lots of sea creatures and then rubbish starts to fill the sea, so there are less creatures. Eventually, a whale starts pushing the rubbish back out of the sea and in to the town on the beach! The children wrote speech bubbles for what the whale might want to say.

We also sequenced the story.

We then started to research whales using information books and the internet and have studied a factfile, which we are learning through the use of a text map. This has helped us to learn lots of new vocabulary like the words habitat, diet and conservation.


This week the classes have all voted for the sea creature they would most like to find out about and we will be writing our own fact files. We can’t wait to share these with you when we have completed them.