Making our Mark

In preschool we have lots of opportunities for the children to develop their mark making skills. During child initiated play, children like to explore their mark making skills by using lots of different resources.

Whiteboards are very popular as the children are able to make their marks and rub them out if they want to change something. The children are using shapes we have practised during Squiggle Time in their drawings. We have practised straight lines, circles, rainbow shapes and spirals so far. The children are beginning to use circles and straight lines to explore ways to draw people, which is fantastic!

It is not just inside the children explore mark making. We often have water painting and chalks outside which can be used on the ground or in a tuff tray. Again, the children can explore how to use paintbrushes and chalks to make shapes and drawings. The adults will ask children what they have drawn which encourages them to give meaning to their marks.

As we learn more shapes during Squiggle Time these shapes will continue to support their mark making skills and eventually will support the children as they begin to write letters. How exciting!