Marianne North: Year 5’s Scientist

 In Science this term, Year 5 have been exploring the life and reproductive cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and plants. Along with completing a flower dissection to learn about all the different parts of flowering plants, we chose to look at a famous botanical illustrator and scientist.

We first took notes from videos and information about Marianne North and why her art was so important during Victorian times. We also discussed how life for women would have been during this era and suggested ideas about why she would be a good role model for people today.

After that, we developed plans for our layouts of fact files about her, using our imagination, books we admire and previous reading. We discussed the features of the writing that we would need to include and used a lot of our previous learning about instructions to get the tone and structure correct.

Then we were let loose! Our creativity flowed and we created some incredible pieces of writing (and artwork!) A fantastic end to the term – well done Year 5!