Marvellous Marwell

Year 2 were lucky enough to go Marwell Zoo to learn more about the African animals that we are learning about in topic. The coach journey there was full of excitement and singalongs. A reinvented version of Old Macdonald’s farm was created, singing about the animals we might spot at Marwell.

The sun was shining and the animals were all out on full display in their enclosures enjoying the weather. We saw everything from penguins, to wallabies and even tigers.


We had two brilliant workshops with some of the Marwell experts all about giraffes and their amazing bodies and also the evolution of animals. Did you know that giraffes have 4 stomachs? We learnt all about how to track the animals in the wild and how to spot where an animal is living.  The two things to look out for are footprints and animal poo!

Giraffes seemed to be a huge hit with the children. Not only could we not get over how long their tongues were, we also couldn’t believe their height, especially when we measured ourselves against a full sized giraffe.

The wallaby walk was wonderful and some babies were even spotted sheltering underneath the shade. We were surprised at how many African animals we found. In total we spotted: rhinos, meercats, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, lemurs, flamingos and many more fascinating creatures.

Year 2 had such a marvellous day at Marwell and made so many brilliant memories with their friends. The adults were so proud of how they represented our school. What a wonderful day we had!