Marvellous Mathematicians Return to Y5

Year 5 are off to a flying start in Maths this half term. They have been focusing on place value through reading numbers, identifying the value of each digit, partitioning and recombining as well as ordering and comparing the size of numbers… and if that doesn’t sound challenging enough, the children have been doing this with numbers as big as a million!

We started by using place value counters to create different numbers on a place value chart and learnt how to read these numbers correctly, as well as writing them.

We also looked at how to partition a number and present this as a number sentence (helping us with recombining later in the week).

The children have been brilliant at using the rule of 3 to recognise the value of numbers, noticing when digits are worth ones, thousands or millions! We are very confident with the children’s knowledge of number as we move onto rounding to the nearest 1000, 100 and 10.