Marvellous Mathematicians!

This week, in Year 3, we have been learning about division. Then, to help us with our resilience, we have been solving tricky problems linked to multiplication and division.

We had 36 sweets in 4 different colours and needed to arrange the sweets in a sweet box so that no sweets of the same colour were adjacent to (that is ‘next to’) each other in any direction. It was tricky! We used cubes and squared paper to help us.

Eventually, we realised that we could repeat a pattern on every other line. We were very proud of ourselves!

We had different problems to solve and some of us shared out our ‘cakes’ onto plates so that we could find out how many cakes each person got.

The rest of us decided to record our answers in our books. Some drew pictures, others drew arrays and others used the inverse of times tables that they knew.

We were all very proud of ourselves as we didn’t give up!