Marvellous Mayans

This week the Year 6 children, both those working at home and those at school, have been introduced to our new topic, ‘Marvellous Mayans’. Last week, Mrs Thorpe challenged the children to find out who the Mayans were and to draw the current flag of that country they originated from. We had some brilliant flags sent in and the children were buzzing to find out more about this ancient civilisation.

This week, the Year 6 children learnt about the importance of masks within the Mayan culture. The children learnt that the Mayans wore masks for a variety of occasions and purposes. In fact, they were also used to decorate temples. The Year 6 children also learnt that wealthy Mayans were buried wearing a mask as Mayans believed it protected them through their journey into the afterlife. The children designed and made some brilliant Mayan masks, really thinking about what they had learnt.

The children also began to learn about Mayan life and were challenged to compare their own lives today to that of the Mayans. They were asked to find at least 5 differences between our modern society and that of the Mayans. We learnt that just like us the Mayans enjoyed playing and watching football, even though it was slightly different to what we now know as football. We also learnt about the Mayan diet and how it was rather limited in comparison to ours today.

We have been really impressed with the Year 6 children and the work they are producing. Keep your eyes open for more Mayan challenges over the next few weeks!