Marvellous Meadow Art

In Reception, we have been busy creating artwork inspired by meadows. First, we listened to some beautiful classical music called ‘the Meadow’ by Andrew Desplat. We imagined what we thought it would be like to be in a meadow and what we would see, hear and feel.

Next we looked at some images and videos of meadows and thought about our meadow bug hunting at Moors Valley.

We took our time when creating our artwork and had to complete this in stages. First we had to colour wash the background with  watercolour paint. We dipped the edge of paper into green paint to create grass and tall plants. We also used oil pastels and chalks.




To create the flowers, we used a variety of media. We dipped flowers into the paint and printed them onto paper to cut out and stick on. We also worked hard to look at observational drawing  to add our sketches to the artwork. We think they look fabulous!


We created some insects to add to our artwork. We used cut out parts of painted paper to create interesting bugs! We added legs, wings, antennae and thought carefully how many parts they needed to their heads and bodies.

We think our artwork in AMAZING!