Mary Seacole’s Adventures and Tam Joseph’s Artwork

In Year 5 this week, we have been looking at the life of Mary Seacole and her contribution to British history, as well as the work of Artist, Tam Joseph.

We first learnt and discussed her work in Crimea and what made her special. We learnt about her what drove her to travel from Jamaica to Britain and how she encountered racism. Next, we looked at her determination to support soldiers during the Crimean War and how she ran her own hospital, The British Hotel. We looked at how she was treated after the war and faced some of the challenges which arose.

Throughout the week, we created fact files based on Mary Seacole, including lots of information about her life.


We also created a comic strip version, detailing the main events of what took place during Mary’s life in the Crimean War.

As part of our Black History Month learning, we also looked at the art of Tam Joseph and explored how he uses are to talk about racism and how different people are treated based on their background, the way they look or even stereotypes.

We discussed people of African and Caribbean descent we knew, who had made a significant contribution to the science, music, culture, food, technology and medicine amongst other things. We even learnt about the lives of people we hadn’t heard of before!

After this, based on Tam Joseph’s work, we created portraits of our chosen person and drew them in clothing associated with their profession.

It was a really enjoyable week and all our classes were enthused and mature in discussing these exciting and important subjects. Well done, Year 5!