Mighty Rivers

Year 5 have been fascinated by rivers this half- term.  Firstly, we  learnt about the water cycle and the role of rivers in the collection stage.  As part of this, we made miniature water cycles in bottles and were able to observe the different processes happening.


The children used their knowledge to create some fantastic double-page spreads, where they had free rein to choose how to present their understanding of the topic. What an amazing job they did!

They learnt about the different features of rivers, talking about their understanding with a partner and using their knowledge of the river’s course to work out where the features were on the diagram.  We also created river collages using our skills of one point perspective drawing and a variety of materials.  I’m sure you’ll agree that they look really effective!

The teachers are very proud of all the incredible learning that the children have done this term and also how creative they have been with their learning!