Money Madness!

This week, the children in Year 2 have been learning all about….Money, Money, Money!

On Monday, the children familiarised themselves with the coins and their values, as well as having a go at ordering them to smallest to largest in value.

Next, they used part/whole models to show the tens and ones in a given quantity (e.g. 87p = 80p + 7p)

Later in the week, they were set the task to make a given amount in as many different ways as possible. For instance:

How many ways can you make 10p?

The children rose to this challenge and it was extremely impressive to see the number of different possibilities that they came up with:

Next week, the children will be continuing to explore money and learn about addition and subtraction when using coins. Perhaps this weekend you could spend some time looking at coins together and maybe even see if you can choose the right coins to pay for something in a shop?