Move it week! 💃🕺

To celebrate National School Sport Week, Kingsleigh children have been taking part in the Dorset School Games Move It Week, which celebrates children taking part in physical activity through a wide variety of sports and physical activities to help promote and enhance self-belief, respect, determination, and teamwork

During this week, all of the children have been taking in a wide variety of physical activities such as football, gymnastics, dance and creating their very own obstacle courses. All of the children showed an amazing attitude and understanding to what it means to be healthy and how exercise can make us feel happier and can make us stronger


In addition to all of these fun filled activities, all of the children have been given a Move It Week Activity Passport which has 30 fun filled Move It challenges inside to be completed and returned to school before Friday 9th July so that children can claim their Dorset School Games prize.


Keep on moving Kingsleigh!