Navy Experience Day

Year 2 had a wonderful Navy experience day as the launch of their new ‘All Aboard’ topic.  This half term they will be learning all about the HMS Victory and Lord Nelson.

In the morning, the children moved around the year 2 classrooms to experience how the Navy was back in the 19th century.  They role played Nelson’s last and most famous battle, The Battle of Trafalgar!  Mrs Beauchamp directed the re-enactment of the British fleet’s defeat of the Spanish and French ships.

They got to show off their vocal talents when singing old sea shanties and Navy songs in Mrs Weller’s classroom.  The children particularly enjoyed learning ‘A pirate went to sea’ with all the actions.

Mrs Chalk taught the children about all the jobs on board ship.  They were shocked to find out the crew had to eat stale biscuits with maggots in them!!

In Mrs Elder’s class, they learnt a dance to the old classic ‘In the Navy’ and used actions to portray life and jobs on board ship.

We then invited Sub Lieutenant Callum Newton in to talk about what it is like to be in the Navy now.  It was fascinating to compare the differences between life now and then on a Navy ship!  He told us many of his adventures.  It was always his dream to be a pilot ever since watching the Bournemouth Air Show.  He never gave up on his dreams!  He was a Kingsleigh pupil not that long ago!