Oceanarium Experts

As an exciting topic came to an end, Year 3 developed their understanding of the ‘Turtle Tale’ topic by discovering the Bournemouth Oceanarium.

The children began their trip with a beach clean.  After learning about the dangers pollution and litter can have on the sea creatures, the children tried to clear the beach of rubbish to protect the creatures. As a year group, dangerous items including bottles, containers and plastic were safely removed from our beaches.

After the beach was clear, the children explored the Oceanarium. The children were split into two groups, exploring the top and bottom floors, ensuring all creatures were explored.

The children were able to study turtles up close and personal as viewing areas allowed close contact with our topic creature.

The children also explored the ‘Abyss’. Creatures deep down in our oceans were sometimes a little scary and were very strange looking.

Children followed a journey to end up in the tunnel! This was super exciting as creatures such as sharks, eels and the famous turtle swam and moved all around us.

As the children moved upstairs, they were engaging with a variety of creatures. Familiar creatures such as jellyfish, clown fish, stingrays, piranhas and penguins were on show and caused great excitement.

All children were able to see an animal feed session. Some watched the energetic and hilarious otters, whilst others watched the greedy penguins popping in and out of the water.

The children were brilliantly behaved and really showed a fantastic understanding of the topic.  They are now preparing for a Home Learning Project exhibit.