Once upon a time in Reception

In Reception we have been reading traditional tales.

We spent a week thinking about The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We read the story and joined in with the repeated phrases in the story, such as, “Whose that trip-trapping over my bridge?” said by the troll. We then acted out the story using small world toys.



We also created troll masks so we could act out the story ourselves.

The following week we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We explored porridge oats outside.

And we acted out the story using puppets and props.

In Maths, we thought about size language and worked in our groups in create different sized beds for the bears.

Next week, we are thinking about The Little Red Hen. Learning about these stories helps us to develop our vocabulary, use story language and take on different roles in role-play. It has been lots of fun and we have done some really amazing learning.