One is a Snail

Year 1 have been doing some great Maths work this week using the book 1 is a snail, 10 is a crab. On Tuesday we read the book and found out which animals were each number. 1 was a snail and 2 was a person and so 3 was a person and a snail.

On Wednesday we used the animals legs to help us write addition number sentences. We had to pick one picture for our First box and a second picture for our Then box.  Next we had to write down the number of legs First, the number of legs then and finally count how many legs we have Now altogether.

For our next challenge, we were told how many legs we had altogether. We had to work out which two pictures would add together to give that many legs. For example, to make 6 altogether we could use a dog with 4 legs and a person with 2 legs!

On Thursday we were challenged to use two pictures to make our first number.

We really enjoyed our addition work this week and we are hoping to use this story again later in the year to help us learn even more maths skills!