Osprey outing!

Over the last few weeks, Year 5 have been learning about ospreys and how the charity, the Birds of Poole Harbour, are helping to rewild ospreys to our local area. To celebrate our learning, we visited Poole Harbour in the hope of spotting an osprey. 

We set off to Poole Harbour and met the team at the Birds of Poole Harbour. They were really welcoming and we started the day listening to lots of information about some of the birds we might see. We even were able to watch the live webcam where we saw spoonbills and moorhens. We learnt that the ospreys had already started their migration to Western Africa but we were hoping to be lucky!

We then boarded our boat and met the captain. Our journey was going to take us to Arne and then around Brownsea Island. We were given some binoculars and set off very excited! As we set off, we spotted what we thought were seagulls. However, we were shocked to learn that there is no such thing as a seagull!

Along our journey we spotted a variety of birds such as cormorants, grey herons and even a flock of 50 spoonbills. And then it happened! We spotted a young osprey circling above the water looking for fish. Sensing our excitement, the osprey even flew over our boat, giving us a superb view of this beautiful bird. Our guide, Paul, told us that in his 10 years of doing this trip, he has never had an osprey fly straight over the boat. We felt very privileged. 

We then went on towards the Harbour mouth and shared our presentations that we have been creating in our ICT lessons. After sharing our facts, we continued our bird spotting and even spotted a herd of seeker deer. Paul then shared a gruesome pirate story where we learnt about Blood Alley and Pirate Harry. Before we left the boat, we shared our text map with the volunteers and our guide. They were taken back by the children’s presentation and the teachers were also very proud. A brilliant trip!