Our Island

Last half term, Year 4 enjoyed looking at how humans can have both a positive and negative impact on our natural environment. We have been comparing how different countries tackle climate change and are becoming more sustainable. The children particularly enjoyed researching how Iceland have used their naturally occurring geothermal energy to become one of the most sustainable countries in the world! As a result, we compared how Iceland’s physical and human features differ to England’s and Scotland’s and how this dramatically impacts the people and wildlife that live there.

We finished our topic with a double page spread titled ‘Connections.’ The children compared and contrasted sustainability, physical and human features, landmarks and habitats in England, Scotland and Iceland. We think you’ll agree they look great and the children got a lot out of this topic!

As part of their home learning, children were asked to create an animal which would be suited to live in the natural habitat of Bournemouth. We were very impressed with their imaginations and noticed how many children had considered the beach as an important physical feature and designed their animals accordingly.