Our Last Week of Home Learning!

This week has been our last (and we really do hope ‘last’) week of home learning! Hooray! Year 5 have managed to keep their foot on the gas in the final week to produce some really high quality pieces of work, whilst still having lots of fun!

Here we have a text conversation between Miss Milliner and Al the Alien, Ellie has kindly converted this from direct to indirect speech.


Here we have Charlie writing some effective headlines. EFFECTIVE HEADLINES!


Umu has been busy writing a detailed description of Mr Tumnus with a very artistic picture.


We also have some news…

we have a new teacher at KPS curtsey of Joey!


Amy, Peter and Ellie have had their head’s stuck….

… in a book!


We’ve seen some eggcellent Easter egg creations from Charlie, Maisy and Rylee.



Elosia and Dexter have been learning some essential life skills outside of the classroom – cooking and how to take a penalty!



And to top it all off, Year 5 have had their been visiting space (in their minds) over the past couple of weeks, Samantha and Amy have created so amazing space art, whilst Max has very carefully been studying the different phases of the moon – NASA here we come!



Lastly, The Year 5 Team think that you have all done such a fantastic job of learning from home over the past couple of months. You have all shown such resilience and grit to keep persevering to ensure that your learning continues and we applaud you! Well done.

We’re all looking forward to ‘getting back to normal’ next week and seeing you all in school!