Our ‘Roarsome’ Week 4 in Reception

We leapt into Week 4 of home learning with a story called ‘The Lion Inside’. It was all about a little mouse who was brave enough to ask a lion how to roar so that he would be noticed. We have had some amazing work produced and we are extremely proud of all of our Reception children.

Before the children heard the whole story they had to make some predictions about what they thought might happen. Some predicted that the mouse would get gobbled up – we were very happy that this didn’t happen!



We asked the children to make some lion masks to help act out the story at home.



The children did an amazing job – we have some very colourful lions.


I bet the children did some impressive roars to match their lions too!

We learnt that lions have pretty impressive manes and we wondered if they would ever need a hair cut. We decided to make some little tube people with hair that needed cutting. Then we practised our cutting using our fine motor skills. This was lots of fun!



We might be learning about another African animal next week. I wonder what animal it will be?