Our very own Mr E Cup!

Last week, our very own Mr Evans was honoured with a football tournament in his name.  Mr Evans has shown such a commitment to school sport across Bournemouth and has finally been recognised for his years of service. We are extremely proud of him!

In true Kingsleigh spirit, we took a team along to the tournament to do Mr Evans proud. And they did! We began the tournament by playing some friendly matches against other schools, where we didn’t lose a game! We were then drawn into a tough group. Our first game was against Stourfield. The team worked well together and attacked at every opportunity. When the full time whistle blew, Kingsleigh had won 4-0!

In jubilant spirirts, the team were on to their next game against Elm. With Justin in top form, Kingsleigh were soon ahead. We extended our lead and won the game 2-0. Our 3rd game was against Corpus Christi and was the toughest game yet. It was a tense game but Kingsleigh managed another win 1-0.

Our final game was against Kings Park and the team were keen to remain unbeaten. Despite the heat, the team continued to work hard and were rewarded with their final win 2-1. The team really had done Mr Evans and the school proud. Josh was chosen as our man of the match for showing great sporting behaviour and listened to the coaching from Mr Evans.