Our Year Group Charter!

Since returning to school, Year 6 have been busy thinking about how to make their final year at primary school a BIG success. To help their final year run smoothly, the children worked together to develop their year group charter.

The children began in their classes by talking about the rights and responsibilities that we have in our school. They looked at the UNICEF Rights of a Child and decided which ones would be appropriate for them as a year group. They reflected maturely about the rights they would like to focus on and their responsibilities.

The children then gathered together as a year group to share and develop their ideas. The children split of into small groups from all three classes. They decided on the rights that they felt where most important for them. Once they had discussed the rights they wanted to focus on, they then decided on the responsibilities that they would have.

The rights that the children agreed to were:

  • The right to an education – Article 28
  • The right to choose your own friends – Article 15
  • The right to be unique – Article 13
  • The right to a safe environment – Article 24

To show their commitment to the year group charter, children then signed to show that they will do their best to follow the charter.