Outstanding PE for Year 3!

Year 3 have been outstanding with their PE skills this week. They have been working on some key skills that help them across a variety of sports. Mr Wilson, Mr Bainton and Mrs Thorpe have been blown away by the determination and hard work in all their lessons.

Some key skills they have been working on have been: speed, agility and balance. They have been using our playground trails to practice their balance and agility skills combined with speed to see who could complete the course with accuracy and pace.


Brilliant Basketball

The children in Year 3 have also been working hard on developing their skills in basketball. In basketball, the children need to use balance, agility and speed to help their team win the game. They also need to understand how to dribble, pass and shoot too. Each class has been showing outstanding determination to enhance their skills. Who knows, we might have the next Michael Jordan in our year group!