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26th March 2019

Incredible Home Learning from Year 4

Year 4 are learning about Ancient Egyptians this term. The children were set the task to create their own fact cards. It has been great…

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25th March 2019

Year 5 To Infinity and Beyond!

Year 5 visited the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. We had lots of fun exploring the upper and lower exhibition floors, where there were lots…

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22nd March 2019

Cuisenaire Exploration

Year 4 have been learning all about fractions and the cuisenaire rods have really helped secure their understanding.   On day one the children…

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21st March 2019

Which chocolate contains Palm Oil?!

Year 6 have been finding out about the Palm Oil industry.  We have investigated the positive and negative impact this industry has on the countries…

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20th March 2019

Clay crafting in Year 3

Year 3 have learning about Hinduism and the festival of Diwali. We discovered that diva lamps are lit to remember how Rama and Sita returned…

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19th March 2019

Year 3 Go Bollywood Style!

We are so proud of our Year Three’s colourful assembly on the last day of term.  We have enjoyed learning about India so much and…

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18th March 2019

Year 6 EcoHub Visit

This term, Year 6 were challenged to produce an action plan about how to protect, preserve or enhance the environment for their home learning projects.

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15th March 2019

Scoot-a-thon in Pre School

As a finale to our transport topic we decided to have a fundraising event. We asked the children to raise sponsor money for scooting or…

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14th March 2019

Year 4 Go Back In Time

Year 4 have had a very exciting couple of days. We visited Scaplens Court and got to experience what it would have been like to…

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13th March 2019

Snow Day at KPS!

A few weeks ago, the children in Year 2 were very excited to see that the weather forecast said it might be snowing…

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12th March 2019

Change for Life Decorate Fruit Cakes

This week in Change For Life Club, we decided that we wanted to make healthier cakes. We discussed the fruit we liked and didn’t like…

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11th March 2019

School Council Go Shopping

Really exciting news! The School Council met today to select and budget new playtime equipment for the whole school. Each year group…

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