Perfecting Place value

Over the past 2 weeks Year 4 have been working extremely hard to recap place value of 3 digit numbers. We have enjoyed working practically and investigating different numbers- looking at how many hundreds, tens and ones each number has and the relationship between them.

The children used a wide range of resources including place value counters, arrow cards and dienes. They were able to represent each number and identify the digit in each place value column as well as recognising the value of each digit.

The children then went on to look at how we write each number in words. As a class, we created a class word bank, verbally read numbers and discussed how we group them into their place value families.


Recently, we have started to introduce thousands. We have looked at the importance of place holders, why they are used and how place value is key to help you read a number. We found it tricky to represent numbers in different ways but we didn’t give up and succeeded by being aspirational.