Persuasive Letters from Year 5

Last week, Year 5 were set the challenge of writing a persuasive letter by Mrs Manston and Mrs Watson. This was based on the animation Pigeon Impossible, where poor Junior Agent, Walter Beckett, had his mission compromised by a pigeon.

Our first challenge was to revise the text map we had previously learnt for our Narnia writing and identify the features and openers we could magpie for our own writing. Although this was tricky as it relied on our memory, the structure and actions came back to us quickly!

Next, we reviewed our Sentence Menu sentences, and selected the 3 bad dash question sentence as the perfect one. We used the animation clip to create a variety of sentences based on the structure.

By Wednesday, we were ready to plan! Watching the video carefully, we jotted down reasons for and against Walter keeping his job. We also jotted down the features from the text map, just to be sure we kept them fresh in our minds.

Then it was on to planning! As we all worked differently, we each had a go in different ways. For some of us, it was just a case of jotting down notes using our reasons and the text map; for others it was about creating a mind map.

Finally, we began writing on our final two days. We looked again at the text map to get the addresses in the correct places and used our plans to write. Have a look at some of our pieces – our teachers are incredibly proud of our focus and attention to detail (some of us even pushed ourselves to include extra Sentence Menu sentences!)

Well done, Year 5!