Picasso Comes to Art Club

In Gifted and Talented Art Club this term, we have been exploring the work of Picasso; particularly focusing on how he constructed human faces and bodies in weird and fantastic ways. We first looked carefully at the shapes and designs he used and how certain features such as eyes were exaggerated and placed in different areas of the face. We discussed how this made the people look surreal and almost cartoonish.

Using these as inspiration, we had a go at sketching a face and colouring it using pastels. We thought about the strangeness of the shapes of the faces, which made ours look almost frightening!

Then, we cut out cardboard. We discussed the thickness that we would use for certain parts and why we might want to use this. Once our faces were assembled, we painted them white before painting them.

Finally, we added any extra detail using pen to really highlight the character’s features.