Pirate Adventure!

Last week the children in Reception moved onto a Pirate focus in their home learning. The teachers were excited what the children might do and we haven’t been left disappointed. The emails we’ve had in have been AMAZING! I think you will all agree the children below are fantastic pirates:


This week the creative challenge was to make a pirate ship and these pirates are equally brilliant. Can you spot what makes a successful pirate?

The writing challenges have been really fun too. The children were asked to make a pirate map and/ or write a message to put in a bottle. The following children tried their best and what they produced is fantastic.

In Maths, the challenge was to explore capacity. The children were asked to find out what might hold the most or the least amount of liquid. This is a really fun task and can go on for quite some time! Have a look at the children in action:

Elijah is beaming, Anais is concentrating really well and Bella really wanted to write up her experiment. All superstars!

However we may have left the most fun until the end. Maddison and Jack were eager to try the physical challenge. They had to concentrate really hard to walk the plank. Can you test your balancing?

Keep up the great learning attitudes children & we look forward to seeing you all very soon.