Potion Magic in Year 2!

We have had so much fun making potions in year 2 this week to help us with our instruction writing! First, we watched a video to show us how to make the potions. Then we said the instructions out loud while we made the potions, making sure we included a time conjunction, an imperative verb and an adverb.

First, we had to scoop some baking powder carefully into the jar. Next, we slowly dripped in the food colouring to give our potions a pop of colour. Then, we sprinkled the glitter in to make it sparkle. After that, we gently squirted in some washing up liquid.

Finally, we poured in the vinegar and stirred the potion vigorously and watched the magic happen as it bubbled up.

After creating the potions, we wrote instructions for how to make our very own magical potions. Are you brave enough to have a go at making one of these magical creations?