Potter Potions Day!

As part of our Harry Potter topic, we held a Harry Potter ‘Potions’ Day to help engage the children in our topic. For this, the Year 6 children were invited to come to school, dressed as their favourite Harry Potter character: we had our fair selection of Potter enthusiasts, a few Hermiones, a Dumbledore and even Moaning Myrtle!

The purpose of this day was to allow the children plenty of time to make ‘potions’ as part of our Science unit, where we were investigating the differences between solids, liquids and gasses. To begin with, we spent time looking at the key properties of solids, liquids and gasses, looking specifically at mass, volume and shape. The children were very inquisitive, and were soon asking some excellent scientific questions, in relation to chemical reactions and how states of matter change.

This led nicely into our first investigation, looking at what happens when we mix a solid with a liquid. After pouring some vinegar (liquid) into an empty bottle, we filled a balloon with baking soda (solid). We attached the balloon to the bottle and tipped up the balloon, allowing the baking soda and vinegar to mix. The children were fascinated to see carbon dioxide released, which inflated the balloon and observe the temperature change and fizz created! The children were able to see a chemical reaction had occurred.


As we were not so rushed, we were able to have some fun and try the experiment again: we used food colouring and a lot more vinegar to make a rainbow… and a lot of mess!

After lunch, we moved onto looking at liquid density, and what this meant. The children investigated which common household liquids were denser than others, predicting which would be the densest out of honey, syrup, washing up liquid, cooking oil, sugar water and water. After completing their predictions, they conducted their experiment, carefully dripping in the different liquids into a bottle and making observations. Again, it became messy very fast!

The children were excellent throughout the day, and we want to congratulate them on their excellent costumes and enthusiasm. Finally, a big thanks to those who were able to donate some of the equipment, it was very much appreciated!