Quidditch Fun!

Last half term, the children in year 6 began to learn about the game of Quidditch. They started by practising the basic skills that were needed to play the game. Then, over the following weeks, they learnt how to play the games and all the rules which were involved. They worked hard to develop tactics and worked really well in their teams. They also learnt about the different roles within a team: a beater, a keeper, a seeker and a chaser. Once they were confident, we introduced the golden snitch! This caused much chaos as it was worth 5 points and could mean your team would win the game!



This week the children used all the skills that they had learnt over the half term and took part in the Kingsleigh Quidditch Cup! They children came together into their house teams and then were split into 2 leagues. Many of the games were very tense, with children flying around on their broomsticks and trying to find the illusive golden snitch. Once all games were played it was time to announce the 2 houses which had made it into the final…. It was Black Mambas v Orange Orang-utans!


Children picked their sides and a Hogwarts war commenced. The atmosphere was electric! Both teams were desperate for the win. The children worked really well in their teams and thought carefully about their tactics. With only a minute to go, Mr Hart secretly introduced the golden snitch. It was a frantic last minute with Orange finding the snitch and clinching a 7-5 win! Congratulations to our Quidditch champions, Orange Orang-utans!


The children (and teachers!) thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and they showed brilliant sporting attitudes!