Rama and Sita hits the Year 3 West End

As our. ‘Out of India’ topic came to a close, the Rama and Sita performance was ready to finish it in style.

The children had spent the half term learning about Hinduism and the festival of Diwali. They studied the Hindu gods, discussed the location of India and have furthered their understanding of belonging.

In English, the children learnt how to read and write play-scripts. They concluded their learnt skills by putting on a performance of Rama and Sita.

The story explores the notion of good and evil, which was portrayed brilliantly by the children.

Over 85 children worked together to create a performance worthy of the big stage. Roles including acting, dancing, narrating, stage-crew and a full orchestra!

The show was thoroughly enjoyed by all and highlights the talent on offer within this year group.

Well done Year 3.