Reading Round-up

At Kingsleigh, we are always encouraging the children to read, and we expect them to be reading at least five times a week. As a teacher, it is always really rewarding receiving the children’s diaries on Monday morning, where we can look through all the interesting books they have read throughout the week. We also understand that some families do not have access to a lot of reading material and sometimes it can be difficult to recommend the right level of book for your child.

To help with this, we have an abundance of interesting and exciting books for the children to delve into.


There are two libraries in lower Key Stage 2 and upper Key Stage 2, both packed with age appropriate, new books for the children to borrow. Each class has a library log book, and they can borrow books throughout the year. Remember, there is nothing stopping a child in Year 5 or 6 borrowing a book from downstairs, if they prefer.

Don’t forget – we have plenty of beautiful and recently renovated areas for the children to immerse themselves in, and find inspiration. Our non-fiction library, based outside the hall, is full of interesting fact books which will help the children’s topic work. Who can forget Mr Maguire’s magical bus? We are extremely lucky to have this resource at school, and it is open for children at break and lunch times to use.

With so many opportunities at Kingsleigh, there is no excuse for not reading!