Reception Make 10

This week the children have been learning their number facts to 10. We have been having fun learning lots of different number bond songs to help us remember them. Maybe the children could teach you!

We pretended that Jack lost his magic beans and we had to find them whilst working out how many more we needed to find each time to make 10


We put snails on two leaves to show different ways of making 10. We also discovered that Numicon was a great resource to show us ways to make 10



We had good fun hiding cones in the playground and filling a ten frame to find our bonds.             

We learnt that we can use our fingers to show our number bonds. If we have 6 fingers up and 4 fingers down we know that 6 and 4 make 10.


We are becoming number bond experts – ask us a number and we will be able to tell you what number you need to make 10. Would you be as quick as us?