Reception Outdoor Classroom Day

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 took part in Outdoor Classroom Day last week. Thousands of schools around the world took part, with the aim of promoting using the outdoors to support learning at school.

The Reception classes took our maths lesson outside. We have been working on showing numbers in lots of different ways, so to start with we showed our focus number of 7 through jumping, press ups and spins, taking full advantage of all the space! We then worked on matching number and quantity, and collected objects to match the numeral 7. We had lots of fun counting out 7 leaves, sticks, seeds and other objects we could find outside.

We were also learning about Diwali last week and so children had the opportunity to draw Rangoli patterns, which are traditionally used to decorate doorways during the celebration, using chalks on our playground.



Some children also had the opportunity to do some gardening with our expert gardener, Mr Davies.

We had a fantastic day spending even more time than usual outside learning!