Reception’s Naughty Vehicles!


This week we have read the story ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan Oke and we have been blown away by the quality of work the children have produced. We are so proud of everyone. In the story a naughty bus gets himself into lots of mischief, the children quickly decided what was their favourite part. Would you like it if a naughty toy bus drove through your dinner?


The children were encouraged to create their own naughty vehicle using junk modelling at home. We had ice cream trucks, aeroplanes, rockets and even a tank. The children really used their imaginations.



The children became authors and were challenged to write their  own version of the story . They carefully planned a story map first.


If we saw these books on a shelf I am sure we would buy them as they are so great!



Whilst thinking about vehicles we also took the opportunity to practice our fine motor skills and we made tracks for our vehicle to follow.                            


We also put on our science hats and thought about what would affect a car going fast or slow. Children used slides or books to test their theories. What do you think would slow a car down?


Finally the children made a tally chart to find the most popular car colour.


What colour do you think is the most popular? I’m sure Reception could tell you.