Reduce, reuse, recycle!

We are in full swing of our Paw Patrol/People Who Help us topic with plenty of very helpful visitors who have kindly come in to speak to us.

This week we were presented with a problem. Rocky the Recycling pup’s truck had broken down and he left a lot of the rubbish in our classrooms. We had to help Rocky to sort the rubbish that could be reused or recycled.

We found some useful materials that could be left for us to make new things, for example cardboard boxes for junk modelling. The children have been so proud of the new models they have made. Can you spot some Paw Patrol vehicles we have made from reusable materials?

It has been lovely to see the hard work the children (and maybe grown-ups) have put into making their musical instruments using reusable materials for their home learning projects. The children have really enjoyed using the instruments in their play and have even created their own bands!


It has also inspired us to make some more instruments at school too…

We look forward to learning about more people who help us next week.