Reporting a Mermaid

Year 3 learnt the story of The Little Mermaid, only to then receive an exciting video news report of an actual mermaid sighting at a local beach! We studied the video report in order to then write our own newspaper reports about the mermaid spotting.

We planned our own report headlines. Most of these included alliteration or a question to engage the reader. Our opening paragraphs then answered the exciting questions of who was spotted (a mermaid/ lady with a tail), where and when they were spotted, what the news report is about and why it is exciting news (Who wouldn’t be excited by a mermaid?)

Our following paragraph then included direct speech of an eye-witness account from Mr Smith. Mr Smith featured in our news report video. It also included a contrary opinion from oceanographer Mrs Dooley, who was interviewed in the video news report. The children included reported verbs and inverted commas brilliantly.

Our conclusions then summarised the two opposing views and asked readers to decide for themselves if they believed a real mermaid had indeed been spotted. Most children also included engaging questions for the reader. Many also included telephone or email details to contact the paper if they had further information on the mermaid sighting.

We then included photographs and captions of the mermaid. We were lucky enough to be given photographs taken locally of a mermaid swimming in the sea thanks to local ‘mermaid’ Michelle. Michelle runs her own mermaid swimming school and mermaid parties, through the Mayim Mermaid Academy and Mermaid MerShell. You may have seen her in the local news yourself! If you would like to enjoy a mermaid experience too then she is fully contactable and bookable through