Residential Update 2


The children were all fantastic last night and we all enjoyed our first night away.  We were up bright and early and ready for our breakfast slot.  The children ate well again with cooked options, toast, cereals, fruit and toast and jams on offer- there was literally no more we could ask for!

After that we were off for our first activity slot and the children were really excited!

We had groups off to problem solving sessions where they had to solve a series of problems ranging from the matrix to the plank!

The groups showed superb leadership skills and worked together so well, it really was a pleasure to see.

All the staff were really impressed and a great time was had by all.

Other groups had a more extreme start to the day and kicked off with trapeze.  They showed nerves of steel, climbing to the top of the tower and jumping off!

Again we were really impressed with how they all pushed themselves and with how they supported each other.

Meanwhile, in the hall children took to street surfing.

It was really tricky to start with but with support from each other, they were soon whizzing around and having great fun.

We have just had lunch. And our first visit to the shop before we head off for our afternoons activities.

Check in later when we will try and find time to add another update in amongst all the activity!

Bye for now!