Residential Update 4

Well, it was not the best night for the clocks to got forward an hour and it was certainly a lot quieter when we went to wake the children this morning but that has not stopped us from having another fab start to the day!

The children all had a great time last night and were sensible going to bed, with lots of them feeling tired after their long and active day.

This morning was another tasty cooked breakfast with offerings of cereal, toast, fruit and yoghurt as always then if was off to make more memories!

Today saw the first groups take to the aeroball stadium!  The children worked in partners to try and score the highest amount of goals against the opposing team!

This is Mr Hart’s favourite session but after some persuasion he did let the children join in as well!

Other groups got the first try on the zip wire and loved the feeling of flying through the air on the top of the cliff.

Again, the PGL staff and teaching staff have all been massively impressed with the support and encouragement the children have given to each other.  They really are such kind and caring pupil and many staff continue to tell us how awesome they are- although, we, of course knew that already!

Every single child has pushed themeselves to do more that they thought they would and we would love to have time the write about them all but a special mention must go to a few children today!

Oliver for being braver than brave and overcoming a real genuine fear of heights to conquer the abseiling tower.  Sophia, who has pushed herself to do absolutely everything even when it terrifies her!  Millie and Alicia for whizzing up the trapeze and jumping off the take the leap of faith. Josh for exceptional teamwork and inclusion skills. Bobby for all round joint in of activities. Jake for just being great fun all weekend! Bailey and Julia for getting involved with everything.

More fun to follow!