Ridiculous Riddles

We are extremely proud of the year 2 children once again this week. They are continuing to work tremendously hard and learning lots at home.

The children have been working on Riddles this week. At the beginning of the week, we researched the definition of a riddle. We came to the conclusion that they are puzzling, and sometimes misleading questions that create problems we need to solve.

The following day, we looked at examples of animal riddles, thinking about the features they include. We identified that our riddles would need:

  • A new line for each clue
  • The clues should progressively get easier
  • Lots of adjectives and adverbs to help the reader

Before writing, we planned our riddles thinking about what clues we could use. We started by choosing an animal and thinking about what they look and sound like, where they live, what they eat, and how they move.



The children noticed that the clues have to be precise, while not giving away the animal’s identity. Here are some of  2JG’s riddles, see if you can identify the animal.




How about the riddles from 2SH.


















2PP/SW had some mindboggling riddles too, can you answer them?


Are 2SE’s riddles too tough for you?




The teachers have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the children’s riddles trying to identify the animal they are describing.


Thank you for your hard work year 2!