Robin Hood For a Day!

Year 5 have had an amazing week. Each afternoon, a class has visited Butchers Coppice to enjoy some Robin Hood style fun.  Rather than tell you all about it, we’ve left this blog entirely to the merry men of Year 5.

Den Building

I liked it when we made dens in a team (Joshua).

I liked den building because I spent time with my friends (Shanice).

I enjoyed the den building most because I liked working with the children who I don’t usually work with (Sasha).

My favourite part was making the dens because we had to collect sticks (Jamieleigh).

I would live in my den (George).

My favourite part was den building because we worked as part of a team (Molly).



Archery was amazing. I did really well and got 4 star points (Caitlin).

I didn’t pop the balloon but I enjoyed  trying (Alfie).

I like the archery most because it was challenging and fun (Andrea).

I liked archery because I got a bullseye and I felt proud (Rebecca).

The best part was definitely the archery because I liked the action of pulling the string on the bow (Will).

The archery was fun and the instructors were friendly (Chloe).

As you can see form the children’s comments, we had lots of fun this week. We were challenged to work in teams and we also had to learn a new skill. The children definitely showed that they were better at archery than the teachers! The children should be very proud of how aspirational they were and they all had a super growth mindset. Well done, Year 5!