School Council Fun!

Kingsleigh’s School Council have been busy this year! As well as being our class pupil voice we have had decisions to make, money to raise and money to spend!.

We decided to use some of our money raised previously to buy new wet play equipment for each year group. Our first job was to work with our own year group to decide what we thought the children in our year group would want to play with. We then had a budget, some game ideas and costs and we started shopping! We bought games including Battleships, Connect 4, Bunchems, Top Trumps, Hungry Hippos, Jenga, Headbanz and Buckaroo.

We held an Assembly to share this exciting news with the school. We are now in the process of sharing out the equipment. School Council also wanted to show the school our Kingsleigh Lion Mascot that was bought using previous fund raising. There was much excitement when he walked through the door! Look out for our Lion at school events such as Sports Day!

We also told the school about our ‘School Council Fun Fund Raising’ day, which was on Friday 14th June. THANK YOU so much to everyone! It was a huge success with everything selling out. This money goes straight back to the children as School Council money is always spent on something that is for all the children.