Science in Year 5

This half term, in Year 5, we have been learning about life cycles in Science.
We have studied the life cycle of plants, comparing asexual and sexual reproduction (see pictures below). We were able to partake in a scientific experiment, discussing our predictions, method and new vocabulary such as dependent and independent variables. We were quite divided with which one we thought would grow the quickest! The plants are still growing so we will update you with the exciting results!


In addition to this, we have been studying the lifecycles of birds, insects, mammals and frogs (amphibians). This has been really interesting and we were able to discuss the similarities and difference between them all! Below are some images of the life cycle of mammals and birds – the children were able to make these themselves, labelling the different stages and noting down what happened at each stage. We were able to compare ourselves as humans with other animals and note the similarities.

Pictured below is the life cycle of a butterfly, which demonstrates complete metamorphosis (which includes the pupa stage). The children were able to discuss the difference between complete and incomplete metamorphosis and why this occurs.