Scoot-a-thon in Pre School

As a finale to our transport topic we decided to have a fundraising event. We asked the children to raise sponsor money for scooting or cycling 10 laps. The children were very excitied about bringing their own scooters and bikes to pre school. We made bunting and set up a scooter park the day before the scoot-a-thon. On the day the children tried their very best and everyone managed to scoot or cycle 10 laps.

The money that is raised will be used to buy a new climbing frame, scooters and balance bikes. If there is any left over we will also invest in a new scooter and bike shed. From the money we have received so far we have all been overwhelmed by the generosity of our families. A huge thank you to all and especially the children for their hard work. It really was a a fabulous fund raising event.