Scrap store fun!

In Reception, we were fortunate enough to have visitors from the Dorset  Scrapstore to help us make moving toys. As part of the school history project we have been learning about toys in the past. We found out that there are many toys that are still the same. However, the way some older toys move are very different compared to toys today.

We wanted to make moving toys and so asked the Scrapstore if they could help us.

They kindly brought lots of recycled ‘scrap’ that is donated from companies who don’t need them anymore However, our visitors had clever plans on how to turn them into moving toys.

We had three toys to make: a pop up toy, a small shaker drum and a spinning top. We cut, glued, coloured and played with our moving toys and were all very proud of the toys we made!

Some of our creations will be used as part of the history exhibition we are having in school.