Sharing and celebrating our Dreams and Goals

For our Jigsaw PSHE unit this half term, we have been considering our dreams and goals. We had an assembly to share and celebrate our learning.

Year 1 shared some of their learning around dreams and goals. They described the teamwork that they have shared and how teamwork helps us to achieve.


Year 1 also described how they have been learning to stretch themselves. They made a display of stretched out hands with flowers drawn onto them. This is a reminder for them to always stretch themselves by doing their very best.

Year 4 shared their learning around people who inspire them. They learnt about Michael Jordan and Lionel Messi. Both faced adversity in their sports (basketball and football). Both ‘practised, practised, practised’ and succeeded in their dreams of being professional athletes. The children also thought about what they aspire to be when they are older. They wrote themselves motivational messages to encourage themselves, so that they can achieve their goals.

Well done Years 1 and 4! Fantastic learning towards achieving your goals!