Ships Ahoy!

In Year 3, as part of our Design and Technology learning, we have been designing different boats. This week we investigated boats made out of sponge.

First we watched a video which explained about water displacement and how streamline shapes help. Next, we designed our own boats.

After that, we began making our boats! We had a sponge, a lolly stick and some paper but we could get anything else that we needed such as sellotape and scissors.

There was great collaboration and discussions about the shape of the sponge and the size and number of sails!

Then we tested our boat in the water to see if it floated and could stay upright! We discussed how the position of the sail and the size of the sail affected how it floated and moved, especially if it was windy or there were big waves!

Finally, we wrote an evaluation of our design and thought about what had been successful and what needed improving. We are really looking forward to next week – we are making a plastic boat!