Show me the Light!

All half term, Year 6 have been learning about light in Science. We have studied sources of light  (dismissing a few myths along the way), how light travels and the difference between man-made and natural sources of light. One of the most challenging lessons involved us looking at the different features and functions of the eye and how light travels through the iris, pupil etc.

After all of this, the children produced a poster summarising their findings but, with a twist! They had to aim their work at Year 1 children, who are also learning a little bit about light this year. The challenge therefore, was not just to summarise their findings, but to do it in a way which was accessible for the younger children.

We all went down to see the Year 1 children in the afternoon and, after pairing up, the Year 6 children began guiding the younger ones through their learning. It was lovely to see the different ages mix and see the nurturing side of some of the older children, as well as the inquisitiveness and confidence of the Year 1 children.

Finally, some of the Year 6 members had produced a shadow theatre as part of their home learning project. They then had the chance to show off their theatres to the other children and put on a little performance. The younger pupils were really enthralled (as were the older ones!) and really enjoyed sharing the experience with one another.

Well done Kingsleigh on a super afternoon of learning!